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Las Vegas entertainers and artists of all types are ready to enliven your special events.


Professional translators and interpreters help you cross language barriers and impact new markets.

Product Demonstrators

We represent vibrant models and talented presenters to demonstrate your products in the best light and put your brand front and center.


We have years of experience providing the top Las Vegas convention hostesses and models to create successful special events.

Shoe Models

Professional shoe models are available to showcase your footwear.


Narrators and voice talent bring your script to life.

Beverage Servers
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We handle all your needs for convention staffing, supplying vibrant hostesses, beverage servers, party coordinators and all types of convention talent.


We have years of experience providing the top Las Vegas convention host and models to create successful special events.



Associates, LLC

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Does your talent agency provide hosts for my event? 

Talent Associates meets all of the staffing needs you have for your event, including providing beautiful and winsome hostesses. When you’re putting on an event, the first person your guests interact with is your hostess. The hostess can set the stage for your guests’ experience of your event, which is why it’s crucial to have hostesses who are intelligent, fun, and attractive. Our talent agency can staff hostesses and guides for your event that embody these characteristics and more. Let our talent agency provide you with the perfect hostesses so your event guests can have a fun and carefree time. Call now to book a hostess today. 

Do the staff at your talent agency have public speaking skills? 

When hiring models and staffing for your events or business, it’s so important that your personnel is qualified. A beautiful face is great, but if your staff is unengaging or can’t communicate with guests or patrons, it makes you look bad. Talent Associates employs a large number of intelligent and experienced models with excellent public speaking skills. This type of talent is perfect if you need someone to do product demonstrations. Our talent agency provides you with the best speakers to showcase your product and paint your brand in the best light. 


Do you staff interpreters through your talent agency

In a city like Las Vegas, you have the potential to reach a myriad of customers from all over the world. The opportunity for your brand to reach this kind of audience is exciting, but it won’t happen if customers can’t understand what you’re trying to communicate. Our talent agency staffs interpreters in a variety of languages to help you connect across language barriers and get your products in the hands of a previously untapped market. Call now to speak with our staff about hiring interpreters for your next event or showcase. 


What kind of staffing does your talent agency supply for conventions? 

Putting on a convention here in Vegas or nearby is a huge undertaking. In addition to organizing the event itinerary, you have to have staff to carry out the convention itself. Let Talent Associates provide the staffing you need so that your convention goes off without a hitch. We supply party hostesses, beverage servers, party coordinators, and all types of talent for entertainment at your convention. Our staff can provide organization and coordinating services to take some of the work off your hands. Call now to have Talent Associates staff your conventions. 


How many models can I hire through your talent agency? 

Talent Associates employs a large number of talented and beautiful models, and you can hire as many or as few as you need. We want to ensure that you have all of the people you need so that your event is properly staffed, is engaging, has great entertainment, and has high energy that will draw people in. Call now to book models for your event today. 


Does your talent agency provide special talent entertainers? 

Here at Talent Associates, our staff is comprised of extremely talented individuals who can provide a variety of special entertainment to your events. Our models perform as showgirls, circus acts, jugglers, magicians, stilt walkers, and more. We have the perfect entertainment to make your event memorable and stand out. Our talent agency also provides costuming, floral, set design, and photo booths. We have the people and décor you need to put on the event of a lifetime. Call now to book with us today. 


How can I trust your talent agency is providing top notch talent? 

Talent Associates is owned and operated by former model Tammy Lee. Tammy lead a successful career for years. She knows the modeling industry inside and out, and has built a successful talent agency with beautiful, talented models right here in Las Vegas. Our models are beautiful, skilled, competent, and are an excellent addition to your events. Our talent agency offers to our clients models with special and exciting skills that are sure to make a statement. Our models are intelligent and are extremely hard working, which means you will have a team of people who will make your event one to remember. We stand behind every model we employ, so you can trust us to provide high quality talent. Call now to book some of the most talented models and entertainers in all of Sin City. 


How can I work for your talent agency? 

We are always looking for engaging, talented models to join our talent agency team. Here at Talent Associates, we have a reputation to uphold in a city that’s always evolving and bringing forward beautiful and exciting talent. We provide special talents, interpreters, hostesses, servers, models, and more for our clients. We want to uphold our reputation among our clients by living up to the same high standard of models that we have kept since our inception in 1997. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love for you to apply with us. Call now to speak with someone about moving forward with our talent agency.

How can hiring models from your talent agency help my business? 

When you are promoting a product or hosting an event, the more buzz from the public, the better. Hiring models from our talent agency to promote your service or product is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. Having beautiful people at your event, whether as hostesses or as entertainment or as people demonstrating and enjoying your product, is a great way to build excitement and energy for onlooking crowds. Nothing creates buzz at an event like a group of people, especially if those people are beautiful, talented, and enjoying themselves. And in addition to creating buzz, our talent can be very helpful to your event guests. We staff servers, hostesses, and guides who will ensure all of your guests and patrons have a fun and enjoyable experience. If you’re ready to see a boost in sales and energy surrounding your business, call us now.